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Integrating your company, people and business objectives in Office 365 requires experience, creativity and teamwork.

That's where I come in.
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I believe in helping companies leverage and integrate their business and employees in the most cost effective manner with Microsoft SharePoint and the Office 365 technologies. In this pursuit I believe in leveraging the included features and functionality of these products as I believe many of your business goals can be solved by creative adaptation, configuration, proper business analysis and implementation.

Alongside my pursuit of incorporating the easiest and most cost effective solutions I have also researched and used many 3rd party products and web parts that can provide you even better functionality, time and cost savings.

Am I a consultant? Yes, but I prefer to be called an advisor

As your advisor,our goal is to save you time, money and avoid common pitfalls while integrating your company and employees with SharePoint, Office 365 and the included suite of products. In the capacity of your advisor our advice is conflict free and is always based on the best fit for your company, budget and requirements.



I fit the role(s) you probably didn’t know you needRoles

Due to the complex and diverse work required while architecting and integrating a company with SharePoint and Office 365 it requires the input and collaboration of many people. Many of these roles and respective skills are difficult to match, are not well defined and may not exist on your current team. We are accomplished at providing these different roles required throughout your project(s) and readily fill in the gaps for required roles such as; Project Manager, Business Analyst, Solution designer, Trainer…….


I have the unique business skills and technical skills required for your project

SharePointSkills and Office 365 is a platform for building business solutions. The platform will require technical expertise and configuration to make the platform function correctly but it is the ability to apply your business needs and strategies into the platform that provides the true ROI. Our focus is always on these business solutions, providing creative ideas on integration and how your company can leverage the existing features of Office 365 and SharePoint. Everything we build is a “business solution”.


I am uniquely suited and experienced in Office 365 and SharePoint projectsComplete

SharePoint and Office 365 are enterprise products that are designed to provide and solve many different business needs including; intranets, document management, records management, communication, search solutions, mail management, video solutions, forms management, and workflows to name a few. We have helped companies from planning to roll out day and have built complete intranets and all associated configurations in SharePoint and Office 365. We are fortunate to measure some of our client relationships in years.


M work

I take priSwimde in my work and as such we do not require any restrictive contracts and do not providing generic project quotes. I have chosen to utilize an hourly or day rate for all project work which has proven to be equitable for both parties as SharePoint and Office 365 projects are often new, iterative and are best built as team.