Office 365 Video Training

Office 365 Video Training

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Video Training for End Users in Office 365 or SharePoint on premise

ShowMe Office 365 offers a complete video training solution for your end users displaying short, targeted training videos to learn and use all of the features in Office 365.

Learn About Office 365

Learn all the Features of Office 365 by Video

Over 1500 training videos included: SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Video Portal for Office 365, Yammer, Office Online, Outlook for Office 365, Power BI, Project Online, Excel, OneNote, Word, Windows 8 and more coming!

ShowMe Office 365 is Incredibly Flexible

Create custom Training Solutions for the entire company, include your existing corporate videos, add the included "Quick Training Search Box" to any page or integrate ShowMe Office 365 with your Learning Management System.

Video training for Office 365

Affordable Training

ShowMe Office 365 is an affordable video training solution for any any size company at less than 3 cents a day per end user. For the same cost of sending one person to one day of live training you can provide video training to over 100 people 24/7 for a year.

Display YouTube, Corporate and Vimeo Videos

Quickly and easily add YouTube, corporate and Vimeo videos to your training library to be displayed in your intranet.

Office 365 Video Training
6 LEARNING Web Parts for Office 365

Includes 6 LEARNING Web Parts

Add the "All Learning", "My Learning" or "Targeted Learning" web parts to any page to customize how training videos are presented.

Watch the End User Experience

Click to view the 1500 + training titles included!

Included videos to learn ShowMe video training

What is Office 365?

Training Topics

Why Companies Like It

Video Training for MS Office 365


Accessing Training Videos


  • Cost effective training solution for less than 3 cents a day per end user
  • Increases user adoption
  • Video training for all the features in Offfice 365
  • Increases ROI for technology investment
  • 1500 Training video library and growing
  • Integrates with existing corporate videos and LMS
  • Turnkey solution for small to enterprise companies



  • Quick training videos are a “click away”
  • Training videos cover SharePoint and Office 365
  • The ability to learn “In Context” to their work
  • Users learn at their own pace and schedule
  • Ability to create and reference personal training libraries
  • Searchable training
  • Training accessible 24/7
  • On demand training

Why End Users Like It

Learn Office 365

Why Administrators Like It

How does Office 365 Work



  • Training solution installs in minutes
  • Training videos update automatically
  • Create training solutions quickly with included web parts
  • No hardware
  • No maintenance
  • Lives in the cloud
  • Reduced help desk and support calls
  • Customizable training for end users and topics
  • Include existing corporate training videos
  • Integrates with Learning Management Systems
  • User self directed training
  • Include YouTube and Vimeo learning videos
  • Monitor and track training
  • Create targeted training content
  • Easy to use with basic configuration

Why Training Departments Like It

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3 Easy Methods To Increase User Adoption in Office 365

Case Study - Promoting ShowMe Office 365 to End Users

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