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Office 365 NextGen Training Portal for End Users

The Office 365 NextGen training portal is a complete training solution for your company and end users. Learn to use all of the features in Office 365 from within your environment by watching on demand instructional videos.


Just some of the 1500 training videos included in your

Over 1500 training videos included: SharePoint, Office 365, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Video Portal for Office 365, Yammer, Office Online, Outlook for Office 365, Power BI, Project Online, Excel, OneNote, Word, Windows 8, Windows 10 and more coming!

What is the Office 365 NextGen Training Portal?

The NextGen training portal is a complete video based training solution that is built using the latest Office 365 "App" architecture that runs in the same cloud as Office 365. Having your training portal in the cloud means you no longer have to install your training solution, you simply connect to it. It also means your end users can learn all the features of Office 365 from within your secure Office 365 environment. You can have an end user training solution in 3 easy steps!

Watch the End User Experience

Maintenance free and viewable on all your devices

The era of not providing Office 365 end user training is over. The NextGen Training Portal provides a training solution that is viewable on all your devices, browsers and is maintenance free. The included video library gets automatically updated with the latest training videos and current video content is updated as changes are released.

Integrated Training

The NextGen "Integrated Training" Portal is designed for companies looking to achieve the fastest learning and user adoption within in their Office 365 environment. The Integrated Training Portal is completely customizable and includes a training studio that gives you the ability to add your own content, create custom learning paths, apply your branding and most importantly track and analyze your learning for less than 3 cents a day per end user.

Integrated Training

Cost: Less than 3 cents/day/user

Included Training Videos: 1500 +
Automatic New Videos: YES
Automatic Content Updates: YES
Searchable Content: YES
Tracking and Analysis: YES
Custom Branding: YES
Build Learning Centers: YES
Per-User Learning Profiles: YES
Per-User Learning History: YES
Create Learning Paths: YES
Control Content Visibility: YES
Add Custom Content: YES
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Why Companies Like It
- Connects to their Office 365 environment in minutes
- Cost effective training solution for less than 3 cents a day per end user
- Most effective method to increases user adoption
- Video training for all the features in Office 365 and associated products
- Increases ROI for technology investment
- 1500 Training video library and growing
- Integrates with existing corporate videos
- Turnkey solution for small to enterprise companies
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Why End Users Like It
- Short training videos are just a ``click away``
- Training videos cover SharePoint and Office 365
- The ability to learn “In Context” to their work
- Video training for all the features in Office 365 and associated products
- Users learn at their own pace and schedule
- Ability to create and reference personal training libraries
- Searchable training
- On demand training
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Why Administrators Like It
- Accessed in their secure Office 365 environment
- Training solution connects in minutes
- Training videos update automatically
- Training content updates automatically
- Create training solutions quickly with included learning studio
- 1500 Training video library and growing
- No hardware
- No maintenance
- Lives in the cloud
- Reduced help desk and support calls
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Why Training Departments Like It
- Customizable training for end users and topics
- Include existing corporate training videos
- Integrates with Learning Management Systems
- User self directed training
- Include YouTube and Vimeo learning videos
- Monitor and track training
- Create targeted training with learning paths
- Easy to use with basic configuration